choosing a career as a graphic designer

What you need to know before choosing a career path as a graphic designer

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In this article, I shall take you through what you need to know before choosing a career path as a graphic designer. There are a lot of different paths you can choose as a graphic designer, and they will depend on your unique skills, education, or knowledge level and what kind of job you want to do day in and day out for a living. 

Career paths for graphic designers

Some of the most obvious career paths for graphic designers are:-

To be a logo designer, a web designer, and a print designer. 

These are the 3 usual kinds called the Trinity, the staples that everybody kind of puts themselves into, but there’s actually a lot more to it than these. 

I will take you step by step as I share with you an understanding of what might be available for you as a beginner to graphic Design.

Choosing A career path as A logo designer

If you’re a logo designer, you’re probably going to need some skills in illustration. It’s not absolutely necessary, but you will probably be paid better and you probably will advance a lot easier if you have traditional drawing skills. If you’ve lacked traditional drawing skills, but you have a good sense of design, you have a good sense of layout and typography, there maybe you will be better as a layout or print designer or a production artist. 

You could be somebody who works on doing marketing collateral for companies as an in-house designer so that means that you could work at an IT company, work in a startup, work at a law firm, and be designing their internal materials. 

You may or may not have to do any logos, but you will most likely be doing letterhead, branding, anything that needs to go out in terms of print, maybe even advertisements for them locally. So these are things that you will be doing. You can even end up doing billboards. And that could actually be really interesting. If you’re going to do that you’ll primarily probably be working with Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign. 

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Choosing a career path as a web designer

choosing a career as a graphic designer

Obviously, you can be a web designer. This means that you’ll have to learn HTML coding, content management systems like WordPress. It is possible to design websites without code, but it is the preferred method and skill and it is what a lot of people hire for when they put out job descriptions. 

For web designers,  They will expect you to at least know the basics of HTML code and CSS which stands for Cascading Style Sheet. There are several places you could learn website design and development both beginner level and advanced.  You could self-teach yourself by watching videos on Youtube and implementing them. There are also courses for anything you need to know about web design on Skillshare, Udemy, So you can check out some of those online courses. Some of these are paid and some of them are free. 

Choosing a career path as a Print Designer

Choosing what career path you’re going to go down. Again, it has to be about self-awareness, what do you want to do day in and day out? What are your skills? If you actually like things like packaging, and print, there’s a whole side of the industry that is there for you to be a print and packaging designer and that could be a really cool niche for you.  


If you want specific guidance in terms of different careers I have talked about here and those I haven’t talked about. You can ask questions or you can just ask me to cover a certain part of the industry. Let me know what you’re curious about with regard to graphic design and picking your career path. Comment down in the comments box.

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